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Anesthesia ventilator X40 with touchscreen for operating room

Anesthesia ventilator X40 with touchscreen for operating room
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Type: Anesthesia Equipments & Accessories,Anaesthesia Machine,Breathing Apparatus
Instrument Classification: Class III
Product Name: Hospital Vaporizer Anesthesia Machine,Adult Anaesthesia Machine,Anaesthetic Machine With Ventilator Machine Price,Portable Anaesthesia Machine
Application: Operating Room,Applied For Child And Adult,Adult And Pediatric( 3kg Over)
Warranty: 1 Year
Display: 8.4" TFT Touch Screen
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: siriusmed
Certification: CE,ISO,FSC,
Model Number: x40
Payment & Shipping Terms
Delivery Time: 10 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Product Description

Anesthetic Workstation X40- 134ºC Autoclavable Co2 Absorber Integrated Bypass System, Totally Latex Free.


anesthetic workstation X40
Inherit classic and practical model Original front-end variable aperture flow sensor
8.4” LCD Human computer interaction system with touch screen
Auxiliary oxygen absorption device
Suitable for pediatric and adults
Independent active AGSS exhaust, avoid anesthesia air pollution in the OR & concerns over clinicians healthy.

System Specifications

System Specifications
Technical parameters Specification
Size 1410 × 950 × 650 (H × W × D)
Weight 110kg
Top cover 30kg bearing weight
Size 580 x 400mm
Type Color TFT (touch screen)
Size 8.4’ inches
Resolution 640 × 480 pixels
Work surface light LED
LED indication
Alarm Indication  
AC power  
Audio instruction
Speaker Alarm sounds
Button Press key  


Three auxiliary output power interface

Moving means

4 antistatic castors, diameter Φ125mm

(2 brake Infront)

Drawer 200 × 392 × 398 mm(H×W×D)x2
Respiratory System
Air bellow 1500mL
Absorption chamber 1500mL

Suction / ACGO ports: standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector;

Exhalation ports: standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector.

Manual breathing port: diameterΦ22cm

System leaks < 40ml/min
System compliance ≤ 4 mL / cmH2O

Inspiratory < 0.6 kPa;

Expiratory < 0.6 kPa

Description Parameter
Technical Specification
Flowrate range 0.2-15L/min
Connector type Selectatec compatible, plug in, cage mount
Dosing methods Pour-fil, Easy-fil, Quick-fil (Sevoflurane)
Working environment
Working temperature +15℃ ~ +35℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa ~ 106kPa
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃

0~5.0%: Isoflurane, Halothane

0 ~ 8.0%: Sevoflurane

Main technical parameters
Description Parameter
Display 8” TFT, Touch screen, Top light
Ventilation Model VCV, PCV, Manual, Standby SIMV-V (Optional:SIMV-P,SPONT/PSV)
Tidal volume 20-1500ml(optional 10-1600ml), Electronic PEEP, Lung mechanics parameters.
Wave form Paw-T,Flow-T,V-T,CO2-T
Loop P-V,V-F

Pressure Monitoring


Central: O2, N2O, Air

Cylinder: O2, N2O

Monitoring Parameter


Tidal volume, MV, Frequency, I:E, Airway Pressure, Pmin, Compliance, Resistance
Application Adult and Infant
Vaporizer Selected bar for two position
Gas supply O2, N2O, Air

6 tubes Flowmeter


O2: 0~10LPM;

N2O: 0~12LPM;

Air: 0~15LPM;

O2% O2 sensor
Auxiliary O2 Auxiliary O2 Flow meter(O2: 0~15LPM) (Optional)

NI-MH battery build in.


Yoke 2 ( O2, N2O) (Optional)
Gas Cylinder O2, N2O (Optional)
Cycle Absorber Intergrade, bypass Design, heating system.
Setting Parameter
Description Parameter
Tidal volume 20~1500 mL(optional 10-1600ml)
Frequency 1~100 bpm
Tinsp 0.1~10.0s
I:E 4:1~1:10
Pause 0~60%
PEEP OFF, 3~30 cmH2O
Psupp 0~70 cmH2O
Pressure Control 5~70 cmH2O
Flow Trigger 0.5~20 L/min
Pressure Trigger 0~20 cmH2O
Ramp 0~2s
Monitoring Parameter
Description Parameter
Tidal volume Inspiration 0~2500 mL
Tidal volume Expiration 0~2500 mL
MV 0~60 L/min
MVspont 0~60 L/min
Frequency 0~100 bpm
Ratespont 0~100 bpm
I:E 9:1~1:99
Ppeak 0~100 cmH2O
Pmean 0~100 cmH2O
PEEP 0~100 cmH2O
Pplat 0~100 cmH2O
O2% 15~100%
Compliance 0~300 mL/cmH2O
Resistance 0~600 cmH2O/(L/s)
EtCO2 (Optional) 0~13.3 %
FiCO2 (Optional) 0~13.3 %
Alarm Parameter
Description Parameter
Tidal volume
Upper limit 30~2000 mL
Lower limit OFF, 20~1500 mL
Upper limit 1~99 L
Lower limit 0~98 L
O2% (Optional)
Upper limit 22~100%,OFF
Lower limit 20~99%
Airway Pressure
Upper limit 10~99 cmH2O
Lower limit 1~98 cmH2O
Upper limit 1~100 bpm
Lower limit 0~99 bpm
EtCO2 (Optional)
Upper limit 0.1~13.3 % ;
Lower limit 0~13.2 %;
FiCO2 (Optional)
Upper limit 0.1~13.3 % ;
Continue Pressure high Airway pressure beyond(PEEP+15)cm H2O, continuedly(15+1)s
Apena 10~60 s, Increase: 1s
O2 supply down < 0.28 MPa
Mains failure Automatic switch battery
Battery low < 10 min
Battery discharged < 5 min
Mute ≤120 s
Pressure low < -10cmH2O
Power Specifications
Description Parameter
External AC power
Input Voltage 100 - 240V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Power <150 VA
Internal Battery
Number of batteries A battery pack
Battery Type Nimh batteries
Rated battery voltage 12VDC
Battery capacity 4200mAh
Shutdown Delay Less than 10min (using a new fully charged battery, low battery alert since the first post)
Shortest supply time 90min
Charging time 4h
Work environment
Temperature 10 ~ 40 ºC
Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Environmental pressures 70 ~ 106 kPa
Storage environment
Temperature -20 ~ 55 ºC
Humidity 5~ 95%, non-condensing
Environmental pressures 50 ~ 106 kPa



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