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O2 N2o Gas Supply Anesthesia Equipment 2 Vaporizers Without Ventilator

O2 N2o Gas Supply Anesthesia Equipment 2 Vaporizers Without Ventilator
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Name: X30C Anesthesia Machine
Keyword: Siriusmed Anesthesia Machine
Warranty:: 1 Year
Instrument Classification: Class III
Widely Usage Range: Suitable For Infants Pediatric And Adults
Tidal Volume Setting: 50~1500mL
Sufficient Modes Of Ventilation:: VCV, PCV, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, SPONT/CPAP+PSV, DuoPhasic
Friendly User Interface:: TFT Color Screen With Touch Screen
High Light:

siriusmed anesthesia equipment


anesthesia equipment without ventilator


x30c anesthesia equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Certification: CE, ISO, FSC
Model Number: X30C
Payment & Shipping Terms
Payment Terms: T/T
Product Description

Anesthesia Workstation
lntegrated structure & Attractive DesignAccurate Manual Ventilation
Gas Supply: O2,N20,4 tube flowmeters(Optional: 6 tube flowmeters)Pneumatic system: Hypoxic guard system , O2 flush
Integrated Absorber system ,Autoclavable,Easy assembling & mountingVaporizer mount: Selectatec bar support 2 vaporizers
Vaporizer types: Enflurane, lsoflurane, Sevoflurane,Halothane
optional: Yoke system(N20,O2),AGSS),Suction,Auxiliary oxygen flowmeter and ACGO


Anesthesia Ventilator (Optional)
Suitable for infant Pediatric and adults
Tidal Volume setting 50 ~1500mL
User friendly interface,5.7"TFT LCD screen
Ventilation modes: vCV,Manual, Standby (Optional: PCV)Built-in active expiratory PEEP valve, built-in batteryo2 monitoring (Optional)
Pressure values: Ppeak,Pmean,Pmin,Pplat,PEEPVolume/Flow values: Vti,Vte,MV,MVspn
FiO2 , f, fspn,Rst, Cdyn
Waveforms: Paw-t ,Flow-t
MV, Paw, Continuous Paw high, Vte, Rate, FiO2, Mains failure, Battery low,Batterydischarged,O2 supply failure,Apnea.



Power Specifications   Respiratory System  
Parameter Specification Absorber Canister Capacity About 1500mL
External   Connection

Inhalation/Exhalation ports;

Standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector;

Manual breathing bladder port:

Standard OD 22mm

Input Voltage 100~240V System leakage

In any mode, the system leak is less than 100ml/min

Input Frequency 50/60Hz System compliance The loss due to the system's internal compliance gas volume (manual mode) as follows: Type<=4mL/cmH2O
Input Power <900 VA (with three AC outlets Respiratory system resistance

Inspiratory: less than 0.6kPa

Expiratory: less than 0.6kPa

Internal Battery   Real-time clock  
Battery Type NiMH Batteries Range 2000 (00:00) ~ 2100 (23:59)
Battery voltage 12 VDC Accuracy +-1 minute
Battery capacity 4200mAh Display Resolution

1 minute/month

(at 21+-3 degrees under the conditions)

Min, Supply time 90 min Mode  
Charging time 4h Modes VCV,PCV(option), Standby Manual
System Specificatoins   Flowmeter

Four-tube flowmeter, oxygen, nitrous oxide

Adjustment range

Oxygen: 0.1 - 10 L / min (20 degrees)

nitrous oxide: 0.1 - 12 L / min(20 degrees)

Proportion of oxygen and nitrous oxide adjusted to ensure that the oxygen concentration more than 21%

Parameter Specification Auxiliary oxygen flowmeter (optional) 0.1 - 15 L/min
Machine   Safety Pressure System pressure does not exceed 12.5 kPa
Size 1410 * 950 * 650 (H*W*D) Parameters Setting  
Weight Approximately 110kg Parameter Specification
Max, load on top cover 30kg Tidal volume

Range: 20/50 - 1500mL;

Increment: 20/50 - 100 mL; 5mL

                  100 - 1500 mL; 10mL

Display   Respiratory rate

Range: 1 - 100 bpm

Increment: 1 bpm

Type Color TFT LCD (touch screen) Inspiratory time

Range: 0.1 - 10.0 s; increments: 0.1 s

Size 5.7 inches Respiratory ratio Range: 4:1 to 1:10; increments: 0.5s
Resolution 640 * 480 pixels Percentage of inspiratory pause Range: 0 to 50%; Increment: 5%
Brightness Not Adjustable PEEP

Range: OFF, 3 - 30 cmH2)

Increment: 1 cmH2O

LED Indication   Pressure Support

Range: 0 - 70 cmH2O

Increment: 1 cmH2O

Alarm Indication 8 (yellow, red, and when the senior and mid-level alarms occur simultaneously, only flashed red) Pressure Control

Range: 5 - 70 cmH2O

Increment: 1 cmH2O

AC Power Indicator 1 (green) Flow trigger

Range: 0.5 - 20L/min;

Increments: 0.1 L/min

Battery Indicator 2 (green and orange) Pressure Trigger

Range: 0 20 cmH2O

Increments: 0.1 cmH2O

Audio Instruction   Monitoring  
Speaker Alarm sounds, tone: supports multi-level volume, alarm tone meet IEC60601_1_8 standards Parameter Description
Control   Inspiratory tidal volume Range: 0 - 2500 mL


Support Clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation and pressing operation

Expiratory tidal volume Range: 0 - 2500 mL
Button   Minute volume Range: 0 - 60 L/min
Interface   Spont minute volume Range: 0 - 60 L/min
Power supply

An AC power connector

Three auxiliary output power interface

Respiratory rate Range: 0 - 100 L/min
Equipotential An equipotential ground Spontaneous breathing frequency Range: 0 - 100 L/min
USB 1 standard USB interface Respiratory ratio Range: 30:1 to 1:150

Drawer: 200*392*398 (H*W*D)

Drawer two

200*392*398 (H*W*D)

Peak airway pressure Range: 0 - 100 L/min
Respiratory System   Mean airway pressure Range: 0 - 100 L/min
Absorber Canister Capacity About 1500mL PEEP Range: 0 - 100 L/min
    Inspiratory plateau pressure Range: 0 - 100 L/min
    FiO2(optional) Range: 15 to 100%
    Compliance Range: 0 - 300 mL/cmH2O
    Airway resistance Range: 0 - 600 cmH2O / (L/S)



O2 N2o Gas Supply Anesthesia Equipment 2 Vaporizers Without Ventilator 0


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