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Gas Scavenging System Workstation Anaesthesia, AGSS, 6 tube flowmeters, Alarm sounds

Gas Scavenging System Workstation Anaesthesia, AGSS, 6 tube flowmeters, Alarm sounds
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Type: Anesthesia Equipments & Accessories,Anaesthesia Machine,Breathing Apparatus
Instrument Classification: Class III
Product Name: Hospital Vaporizer Anesthesia Machine,Adult Anaesthesia Machine,Anaesthetic Machine With Ventilator Machine Price,Portable Anaesthesia Machine
Application: Operating Room,Applied For Child And Adult,Adult And Pediatric( 3kg Over)
Warranty: 1 Year
Display: 12.1" TFT Touch Screen
High Light:

Gas Scavenging System Workstation Anaesthesia


siriusmed Workstation Anaesthesia

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: siriusmed
Certification: CE,ISO,FSC,
Model Number: x45
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Product Description

Anesthetic Workstation X45-Anesthesia Gas Scavenging System



System Specifications

System Specifications
Technical parameters Specification
Size 1410 × 950 × 650 (H × W × D)
Weight 110kg
Top cover 30kg bearing weight
Size 580 x 400mm
Type Color TFT (touch screen)
Size 10.4’ inches
Resolution 600 × 800 pixels
Work surface light LED
LED indication
Alarm Indication  
AC power  
Battery indicator  
Audio instruction
Speaker Alarm sounds
Button Presskry  


Three auxiliary output power interface

Moving means
Castor 4 antistatic castors, diameter Φ125mm (2 brake infront)
Drawer 200 × 392 × 398 (H×W×D)x2
Respiratory System
Air bellow 1500mL
Absorption chamber 1500mL

Suction / ACGO ports: standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector;

Exhalation ports: standard OD 22mm, ID 15mm, tapered connector.

Manual breathing bag port: diameterΦ22cm

System leaks < 40ml/min
System compliance Type ≤ 4 mL / cmH2O

Inspiratory < 0.6 kPa;

Expiratory < 0.6 kPa

Technical Specification
Flowrate range 0.2-15L/min
Connector type Selectatec compatible, plug in, cagemount
Filling type Pour-fil, Easy-fil, Quik-fil (Sevoflurane)
Working environment
Working temperature +15℃ ~ +35℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%(non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure 70kPa ~ 106kPa
Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +55℃

0 ~ 5.0%: Isoflurane, Halothane

0 ~ 8.0%: Sevoflurane

Main technical parameters
Description Parameter
Ventilation Model

VCV, SIMV-V, PCV, Manual, standby.


Wave form Paw-T,Flow-T,V-T,CO2-T
Loop P-V,V-F(Optional)

Pressure Monitoring


Centrol: O2, N2O, Air

Cylinder: O2, N2O

Monitoring Parameter


Tidal Volume, MV, Frequency, I:E, Airway Pressue, Pmin

, Compliance, Resistance

Application Adult and Pediatric
Vaporizer Selected bar for two position
Gas supply O2, N2O, Air

6 tubes Flowmeter


O2: 0~10LPM;

N2O: 0~12LPM;

Air: 0~15LPM;

O2% O2 sensor
Auxiliary O2 Auxiliary O2 Flow meter(O2: 0~15LPM) (Optional)
O2 Flush 25-75L/Min

NI-MH battery build-in.


Yoke 2 ( O2, N2O) (Optional)
Gas Cylinder O2, N2O (Optional)
Cycle Absorber Intergrade, bypass Design, heating system.
Setting Parameter
Description Parameter
Tidal Volume 50~1500 mL (Optional 10~1600ml)
Frequency 1~100 bpm
Tinsp 0.1~10.0s
I:E 4:1~1:10
Pause 0~60%
PEEP OFF, 3~30 cmH2O
Psupp 0~70 cmH2O
Pressure Control 5~70 cmH2O
Flow Trigger 0.5~20 L/min
Pressure Trigger 0~20 cmH2O
Ramp 0~2s
Monitoring Parameter
Parameter Description
Tidal Volume Inspiration 0~2500 mL
Tidal Volume Expiration 0~2500 mL
MV 0~60 L/min
MVspont 0~60 L/min
Frequency 0~100 bpm
Rates Pont 0~100 bpm
I:E 9:1~1:99
Ppeak 0~100 cmH2O
Pmean 0~100 cmH2O
PEEP 0~100 cmH2O
Pplat 0~100 cmH2O
Pmin -20~100 cmH2O
O2% 15~100%
Compliance 0~300 mL/cmH2O
Resistance 0~600 cmH2O/(L/s)
EtCO2 (Optional) 0~13.3 %
FiCO2 (Optional) 0~13.3 %
Alarm Parameter
Description Parameter
Tidal Volume
Upper limit 10~2000 mL
Lower limit OFF, 10~1990 mL
Upper limit 1~99 L
Lower limit 0~98 L
O2% (Optional)
Upper limit 19~100%,OFF
Lower limit 18~99%
Airway Pressure
Upper limit 10~99 cmH2O
Lower limit 0~98 cmH2O
Upper limit 1~100 bpm
Lower limit 0~99 bpm
EtCO2 (Optional)
Upper limit 0.1~13.3 % ;
Lower limit 0~13.2 %;
FiCO2 (Optional)
Upper limit 0.1~13.3 % ;
Continue high Pressure Airway pressure beyond(PEEP+15)cm H2O, continuedly(15+1)s
Apena 10~60 s, Increase: 5s
O2 supply down < 0.28 MPa
Mains failure Automatic switch battery
Battery low < 10 min
Battery discharged < 5 min
Mute ≤120 s
Pressure low < -10cmH2O
Power Specifications
Description Parameter
External AC power
Input Voltage 100 - 240V
Input Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Power <150 VA
Internal Battery
Number of batteries A battery pack
Battery Type Nimh batteries
Rated battery voltage 12VDC
Battery capacity 4200mAh
Shutdown Delay Less than 10min (using a new fully charged battery, low battery alert since the first post)
Shortest supply time 90min
Charging time 4h
Work environment
Temperature 10 ~ 40 ºC
Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Environmental pressures 70 ~ 106 kPa
Storage environment
Temperature -20 ~ 55 ºC
Humidity 10 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Environmental pressures 50 ~ 106 kPa


Gas Scavenging System Workstation Anaesthesia, AGSS, 6 tube flowmeters, Alarm sounds 0

Ergonomics design anesthesia machine


  • More convenient operating and display systems for clinical requirements; Suitable for a wide range of anesthesia applications: adult and infant; Tidal volume 20 ~ 1500 mL(Optional 10 ~ 1600mL).
  • Electronic PEEP, Imported proportional valve, High precision electronic flowmeter, all ensure excellent performance and durability for long-term use.
  • In highly integrated circuits, the centralized heating technique avoids condensation in the circuit with bypass function, the canister can be replaced during ventilation without stopping anesthesia operation.
  • Sufficient monitoring parameters: Ppeak, Pmean, Pmin, Pplat, PEEP Compliance, Resistance, O2%, EtCO2, FiCO2.
  • Clinician's health concerns: Independent AGSS systems avoid anesthesia gas commutation & remove health concerns for clinicians.
  • Complete alarm function to make sure that operating is accurate & stable.




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